Webmaster için genel olarak her script

Bulk PageRank Checker
: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/bulk/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, 32-bit Server
Description: Check as many URL’s at once, as you want.

Fake Mailer
: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/fake-mailer/

Admin Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/fake-mailer/?p=view (admin/admin)
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, Mail Capabilities, MySQL
Description: Send fake emails with this script, limit the amount of emails per-day per-isp.

RSS Feed Sharer
Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/feed-source/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, cURL
Description: Allow users to share RSS feeds on their website.

Instant Domain Name Checker
: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/idnc/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+
Description: Check the availability of domains instantly, easy to add new TLD’s.

Image Hosting Script
Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/jpegr/
Admin Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/jpegr/admin/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, MySQL, GD
Description: Simple image hosting script, easy to edit.

Advanced AJAX PageRank Checker
Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/pagerank/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, 32-bit Server
Description: Shows nearly every possible statistic!

Descriptive AJAX PageRank Checker

: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/pagerank2/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+
Description: Shows PageRank, Alexa Rank, and Backlinks Average

Mediocre AJAX PageRank Checker
: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/pagerank3/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+
Description: Shows few domain statistics.

AJAX YouTube Video Downloader
Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/video-downloader/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+
Description: Download YouTube videos in FLV format.

Proxy Script
: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/zelune/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+
Description: Custom proxy script, considered “perfect” by many.

Note Script
: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/your-notes/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, MySQL
Description: Let users store notes and view them later

URL Shortener
Demo: http://www.12Scripts.info/demos/url-shortener/
System Requirements: PHP4.0+, MySQL
Description: Shortens URL’s w/ Custom Tag Support

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